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Max Compensation Plan

(Learn how to make money with Max Business)

Our basic business model is simple. Buy a few products every month and enrol others who also want a business with Max. They do the same thing – buy a few products monthly and enrol others who want a business.


All commissions are based on you being ACTIVE each month by having a minimum of 100 PV worth of products purchased. PV is personal volume (or points). All products have points or CV associated with them. For example, a box of 4 bottles of Cellgevity is equal to 63CV. When you buy products or have customers you earn PV. When your team members buy products you will see CV, which is commissionable volume. All are just points.


There are 8 ways we make money. 6 of these are outlined here. The current Naira exchange rate used for commissions by Max is 310 Naira per 1USD.

1. Retail Customer Income

RETAIL CUSTOMERS – make the difference between what you buy the products for and what you sell them for

2. Preferred Customer Income

PREFERRED CUSTOMERS – have your customers buy at the wholesale cost, and the company will pay you a commission (25% of CV in USD, converted to Naira at 310 to 1). For example having a Preferred Customer who buys 1 month supply of Cellgevity you will earn approx. 4800 Naira. Commissions are paid the following Wednesday.

3. Fast Start Income

When someone joins your business as an Associate, they will begin with a Package. You will earn a Commission depending on the package your personally enrolled Associate selects

    • Personal Pack = N 5,600
    • Professional Pack = N 23,250
    • Premiere Pack = N 46,500

The Fast Start commission is paid the following Wednesday.

4. Prime Bonus Income

PRIME BONUS – have 3 personally enrolled associates active with 100 cv each, and have a total of 500 cv from your personally enrolled Associates. You must have at least 1 personally enrolled active associate on the right and left team. This is called LEVEL 1.


When you reach Level 1, you earn up to 23,250 Naira monthly.


Help 3 of your personal associates reach their own Level 1. You are now at Level 2. You now earn up to 116,250 Naira monthly.


Help your 3 people each earn Level 2, you are now at Level 3 and now you will earn up to 465,000 Naira each month.


Your MAIN GOAL is to reach your own Prime Bonus Level 1 and then have every associate who joins your team get to their Level 1 Prime Bonus. That is what everyone must strive for when they join Max, ideally in their first calendar month.

5. Binary Team Bonus Income

BINARY TEAM BONUS – You are building 2 teams, right and left. Everyone you enrol must either go on your right team or left team. Your team grows as the people you enrol also enrol people, buy their 100 CV every month, and have customers.


Your goal is to grow a balanced team. You earn 10% of the smaller team’s volumes (CV) in USD, converted to Naira at the exchange rate of 310 Naira to 1USD. You can earn up to a maximum of 40,000USD or 12,400,000 Naira monthly. You must have at least one personally enrolled active Associate on both teams to be paid your Binary Team Commission.

6. Matching Check Income

MATCHING CHECK – as you help your team make a Binary Team Commission check, you will earn a percentage of that paycheck based on your achievements in Max and how you have grown your team. You can earn up to 50% of every personally enrolled Associate’s binary team commission, and a % of all those they enroll, and the next Level and the next, down to 7 levels deep.


So if you personally enrolled 10 people who were all making 1,000,000 Naira per month, you could be earning 500,000 Naira x 10 people, or 5,000,000N monthly! In the long term, this Matching Check will be the largest part of your income and earnings are unlimited.

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