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Frequently Asked Questions

(Let’s clear some of your doubts about our amazing products)
Can I take Cellgevity if I am on other medications?

Yes you can. You should not stop your regular medications. Raising glutathione will help your regular medications work better. Monitor with your Doctor and your Doctor may be able to reduce your medications over time, as your body gets back into balance and begins to heal itself.

Does Cellgevity have Side Effects?

Cellgevity is not a drug and does not have side effects. However because Glutathione detoxifies the body, some people may notice a detox effect.




As you take Max products, depending on your metabolic state, you may see some normal & natural symptoms. This is the detoxification process.


Prof Dr Herbert T. Nagasawa and his co-authors called this the detox approach of protecting cells against xenobiotic substances (Nagasawa et al 1987). The merriam-webster and medical dictionary explains detoxification as the metabolic process by which toxins or poisons accumulated in the body are eliminated or removed.


Scientific Research shows that detox is good for patients with allergies, asthma, depression, diabetes, headaches, cancer, arthritis, digestive disorders, mental illness, obesity & most chronic illnesses.


When the body is being detoxified, many toxins or poisons exit the body which may cause some discomfort. Typically about 10 to 15% of people may experience detox effects on Max products.


Some people undergoing detox, using Max products may experience sleeping a lot, cramping, headaches, nausea, frequent urination, diarrhoea-like symptoms, dehydration, pimples.


Other common detox symptoms are slight muscle or joint discomfort, fatigue & a sore dry throat, feverishness, cravings for food, temporary indigestion like gas, bloating, constipation or diarrhoea, over-sleeping. Many people may not experience these. But if you do, these are normal for a few or up to 5 or so days. They indicate that the products are working.


If experience these symptoms, don’t panic at all. New people taking Max products should know about possible detox symptoms before they start taking the products. A couple of people even may have fluctuating BP & other similar issues. They may be tempted to STOP taking the products.


Please Tell them NOT TO STOP. They should be patient and allow the detoxification process to work. Our toxins are many inside of us. Many people don’t know this. They think they are fine, but the toxins are there.


So what should you do? Don’t stop taking the capsules. DRINK LOTS OF WATER. If the discomfort is too much, you can reduce the dose of Max products to half for 3 or 4 days to allow your body time to adjust.


We in the tropics are required to take 3 liters of water a day. To meet our metabolic requirements & losses through sweating, respiration, urination and defecation. Most of us don’t drink lots of water. So most people are in a constant state of dehydration.


During Detox, and while taking Max products, It’s very important that we take even more water to help the kidneys flush the toxins.


Remember, it is not everyone who will experience these detox symptoms, but if we let our customers and Associates know what they may experience, we will have a Happy Max Family!

Is there anyone who should not take Cellgevity?

We must say that Max products are not meant for pregnant or nursing women or children as products are not tested on these groups. US nutritional supplement companies must put this disclaimer on their packaging.


If their Doctor chooses to recommend a Max product a Doctor may do so for their patient based on their knowledge of the patients’ condition and what raising glutathione may do for the patient. And we can educate a parent and let the parent make their own decision for their child if the child has a health issue such as sickle cell, asthma, autism or other common health challenges. Most of us as Associates would give our children Max products if our child had a health challenge. But we should not recommend for children. Simply educate the parent and let them make their own decision.


Otherwise Max products are fine for anyone from age 18 to 100! Most of us would also be comfortable giving Max products to any teenager who is adult size if they are having a health challenge or need support with studying, energy or sports performance.

How do I know which product to take?

This is a common question, especially from new customers or Associates. Here is a simple guide. Recommending our Max products is simple! We just say Try and See.


Cellgevity is the answer for almost all issues. At least 95%. If you start with Cellgevity you won’t go wrong. 2 capsules morning and 2 evening. Most people will do perfectly on Cellgevity. There is usually no need for anything else unless the person can afford additional products and wants to maximize their good health. Cellgevity helps every cell in the body produce glutathione.


Add N-Fuze to help Cellgevity work better, good for everyone except diabetic patients. N-Fuze provides all of the vitamins and nutrients we would get from 20,000 calories of food in just 10 calories.


Add ATP to Cellgevity for extra mental clarity, energy, and stamina. ATP is a Performance Drink to improve mental and physical performance.

Many people take all 3 – Cellgevity, N-Fuze and ATP. Taking all 3 products is a good idea if it is affordable for the user and if they want to maximize their health benefits.


MaxOne is pure RiboCeine and is available in Nigeria. MaxOne is used instead of Cellgevity for young children (based on the parents decision), or if someone has a food sensitivity to ingredients in Cellgevity, or it can be added to Cellgevity if there is a severe health condition that needs more RiboCeine than the regular dose of Cellgevity.

What Happens if I don’t bring 5 people this month?

Bringing 5 people in your first calendar month is a target but not a requirement. You can bring more or you can bring less. More is better of course for faster growth! However long it takes you is fine. You will make a commission with each Associate who begins with an Enrolment Package, and once you have 3 to 5 people active with 500 points in any given month you will earn your Prime Bonus.

What Happens if I don’t do my Autoship?

You will never have a problem doing your autoship as long as you are talking to people. Once people use Cellgevity they come back for more.


But if there is a month where you do not do your autoship for some reason, you are not “out of Max” but for that month you will be closed for business and cannot earn commissions from Max. Your points will be lost and you will start fresh the following month, working with the team you have built.


Autoship is best done within the first days or latest first week of every month Autoship is the lifeblood of your Max Business.


❌ No Autoship = No Max Business ❌

Can I register Associates in other Countries?

Yes you can if Max is open in those countries. You can check the countries by going to Max.com and clicking on the top right side.


If we are not open in a country, then you must arrange payment and ship the products yourself from a country we are open in.


Your team leader can help you understand more about registering Associates and Customers in other countries.

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